A Practical Convolutional Neural Network Course, Free on YouTube

Hi everyone. As I told you before I have a YouTube channel Makine Öğrenmesi. In this channel I’ve been giving (amateur but with strong enthusiasm) lectures on subjects of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Python libraries. There are lots of contents on Turkish Language, however, there is a 6.5 hours course that I’m talking about the Practical part of Deep Neural Networks. It was on Udemy, but I switched to YouTube.

Also there are source to slides and codes : GitHub/mburaksayici

First Lecture of The Course, and Playlist

What’s in it?

If you are tired of not going further step after watching MNIST Tutorial, you are welcome, A Practical Convolutional Neural Network Course!
What’s the difference from the other courses:
* Loading Images with PIL, OpenCV, Keras, SciPy
* FineTuning with Keras
*** Three solutions for Imbalanced Dataset Problem
* Image Augmentation with Keras
*** Extreme Image Augmentation with ImgAug Library for Keras
*** Writing CustomDataGenerator in Keras

I’ve been teaching Keras and Convolutional Neural Network more than two years. I’ve answered hundreds of questions on YouTube comments. This course is prepared considering the questions that you’ve asked when you learn Deep Learning and Machine Learning. I think it will satisfy you. I can not promise that, but at least, it is free. No sweepstake, no compulsory subscribing, no problem. I can just waste your time if you do not like it, I’m sorry for that if it is the case.

However, the topics that are covered are the content that you can not find easily, one should obtain experience to learn that. There is no book of these. I’m giving alternatives for problems, also, I claim that this is the best image augmentation lecture on YouTube, of course big thanks to the Aleju, who is the coder of the ImgAug library.

You’re welcome, feel free to ask at YouTube. Do not forget to like A Practical Convolutional Neural Network Course.

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